Smart- Rent a small electric car in St Barth

small electric car in St Barthlemy
70 Km (45 mi)

We have several Smarts to choose from at Top Loc for trips that will be synonymous of relaxation and good living. This electric car has a small size but a lot of power.

An icon made electric

Everybody knows the Smart. Icon of small vehicles, Smart now has an electrical version. This electric version has kept the main strength of this car: its practicality. But they have added to it an ecological awareness and driving comfort that can not be compared to any other. It is silent and it can be driven anywhere, Top Loc’s electric Smart can bring you everywhere under St Bart’s sun.

Rent Smart electric St Barts
Smart electric car rental St Barths

Renting a convertible Smart

To take full advantage of the sun in St Barthelemy, there is nothing like a convertible. Your wish come true: Our Smart has an electric roof, which can be opened in one click. It has a range of 70 kilometers and is perfect to travel throughout our 24km2 in all tranquility. Only let it recharge for 10 hours: and it will be ready to bring you everywhere once again.

Drive around everywhere in St Barth

4 people could fit in easily on board of our 5 door model. Besides, of course, the small size of the Smart: length and width are reduced, it is great to travel and park easier on the streets of Gustavia. Our electric rental cars have mostly modest dimensions, more suited to travel in St Barts. If you want another type of car, take a look at all our electric rental cars available.

convertible electric rental in St Barts


    2nd driver
    Baby seat

In addition
    CDW Assurance (Collision Damage Waiver)

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