ZOE- Spacious electric rental car in St. Barts.

small electric car in St Barthlemy
270 Km (170 mi)

The Renault Zoe is a safe bet among our electric rental cars. It is the perfect car for those who want to travel comfortably, its power and range will take away all the obstacles in your path.

Renault's electric rental car

Offering this 100% electric city car in 2012, Renault has definitely hit the jackpot. His style has the main features of traditional city cars, but improved: powerful, the Zoe can reach 135 km/h. This great power will be useful if you plan to visit the different must see spots of St. Barts.

Rent Renault Zoe electric St Barts
Zoe electric car rental St Barts

An incomparable range

You will find out the strengths of this vehicle on the island: Beginning with its high range: 270 kilometers between two full loads, you have everything you need to visit all around St Barts without stopping. 12 hours, or one night of recharge, will be enough to recharge it completely.

A spacious model

This model has the size of a city car, this electric car has 5 seats and a generous space to place your luggage. Couples with or without children will appreciate this place adapted to all needs. Check out all our models of electric rental cars: Other cars have a 5 doors/5 passengers format.

Rent a Zoe electric car St Barts


    2nd driver
    Baby seat

In addition
    CDW Assurance (Collision Damage Waiver)

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